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Silver Replica Kada

Even though bracelets are slowly replacing the bangle culture, there is a craze for bangles, especially for the latest fashion model bangles with stones and diamonds. These high-range fashion model bangles are suitable for both saree and skirts. KM Ornaments has a high range of silver bangles and specially designed a unique collection of bangles made of gold-plated silver.


Price: 385 Rs RK58


Price: 340 Rs RK53


Price: 268 Rs RK54


Price: 399 Rs RK52


Price: 350 Rs RK61

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Price: 227 Rs RK12

Price: 331 Rs RK9

Price: 265 Rs RK10

Price: 265 Rs RK11

Price: 244 Rs RK17

Price: 217 Rs RK16

Price: 227 Rs RK18

Price: 275 Rs RK20

Price: 240 Rs RK17

Price: 269 Rs RK22

Price: 241 Rs RK24

Price: 234 Rs RK27

Price: 213 Rs RK30

Price: 304 Rs RK31

Price: 255 Rs RK34

Price: 275 Rs RK35

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Price: 385 Rs RK37

replica kada

Price: 241 Rs RK39

replica kada

Price: 255 Rs RK42

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